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Select one or more image configurations

Select one or more image configuration options from the various Styles Groups available. (i.e. White Background, Graphic Overlays, Lifestyle, 360 Spin, Advertising, Product Promotion)

Your custom configuration and styles can be applied to one or more images in your product line-up. This will create a coherent looking listing which is very important in marketing.

Select styles

Your Custom Discount Bundles are available to you where any image configurations from more than one Style Group are selected.

Choose your styles from the many preconfigured styles available or create your own personalized configuration.

You may choose styles for the complete consignment or individual products or sub-groups in the consignment.

Custom Pricing

Standard pricing is indicated on each item.

However, where you feel that your specific project requires me to consider any variation from the standard pricing, you can request a custom price for any item listed on this site by clicking on the Custom Price button located below Add to Order button.

Your needs are important to me

Your needs are important to me and I will be happy to adapt the any style to capture the unique essence of your brand. 

To get the most from your digital marketing images and eliminate any guesswork, it is important that the right mix of your personal business knowledge is infused with the latest photography and design expertise in aesthetics. 

To achieve that, a "Photo Shoot Brief" must accompany your shipment. Blank "Shoot Brief" forms specific to each style are available to you to help streamline that process. The form is a basic brief and simple to use. Examples are given on each Style Page under the Pricing and Ordering Tab.

Style pages also contain a Downloads Tab  for your immediate free download of the relevant blank forms. You may also browse my blog pages for tips on how to establish a features list and other important marketing aspects.

If you have your own more comprehensive creative photo brief, you are welcome to rather send that document with your product consignment.

Free Consultation

I also offer a free 30 minute WhatsApp or Zoom consultation per consignment as part of this collaboration.

Before you order, if you are unsure of anything we can discuss all the details of your specific requirements so that you get exactly what you are looking for when you are ready to order. 

This is a free service and you will be under no obligation to purchase anything. Your contact details and marketing plan will remain secret in terms of our privacy policy.

Click here to Contact me for you free 30 minute consultation

Notes on Using Models in your style configurations:

Using models is not a requirement for lifestyle images but it definitely increases your chances of success in digital marketing. The main advantage is that it allows the viewer to picture themselves using the product and the idea that "This could be me

The increased conversion rate may just make it viable.  The biggest problem however is that models are very expensive and often come with royalty charges and restrictions on usage of the images, so costs should be carefully considered.

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Add your selection to your Order and check out when you are ready to get your order underway. 

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