Printing and Framing

Buy African Landscape Archival Prints

You can easily own my limited edition black and white prints of African landscapes for your

business or home.

Each limited-edition print is made with gallery quality archival pigment inks on fine art

paper, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Each paper print comes in large-scale format starting from a printed image dimension

ranging from 800mm to 1,400mm long.

Optional archival canvas prints are also available in dimensions that exceed 1,400mm.

We provide free shipping of all rolled paper or canvas prints anywhere in the world.

Rolled Prints Come Ready to Frame

Each printed image comes standard with a narrow white border that is suitable for framing

and mounting.

Extra wide white borders on paper or canvas prints can be provided upon request.

Edition prints with white borders are embossed by the artist and contain the hand-written

edition number along with a unique serial number on the back. Prints, face mountings, and

canvas prints are inscribed with a hand-written unique serial number and image details on

the reverse side.

Prints can also be framed or mounted with no white border. Those include a digitized

signature made from the artist’s original signature, as well as the handwritten unique serial

number and edition details on the back of the mounting.

We rely on the expertise of our skilled master framing partners to handle the optional

framing of our fine art prints.

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