Anti Ligature

Anti Ligature Design

The design of Healthcare facilities for patients suffering from behavioral health conditions requires careful attention

to patient and staff safety. The need to eliminate risk of self harm from fixtures and fitting requires Anti Ligature design.

Patients must not be able to attach a chord, rope, bed sheet or anything that can be looped or tied to the item that is

fixed in order to create a point of ligature. This is to eliminate the risk of self harm or even loss of life through strangulation

or hanging.

For artwork, this requires Fixed Anti Ligature design as these items along with anything else that is required to bear weight,

must not be able to be removed of released under abnormal load. The ligature risk in my artwork is eliminated by fixing

using tamper proof screws installed with countersunk mounting holes in the artwork surface.

Added to the anti ligature design, the edges or all artwork has rounded corners and beveled edges to further eliminate and

risk of self harm.

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