Before booking your photo shoot, it is important to convey your requirements for the shoot so that I can optimise the pricing for so that you to get the most value for your money.

The following steps will ensure that you get exactly what you want.



Your Photo Brief will determine the complexity of the job and I will calculate the time required for the shoot accordingly.

If there is anything that is unclear or if you would like my thoughts on certain issues, I will gladly call you to discuss these with you.

I will send you a quotation and at this stage, you are under no obligation to proceed nor will you be liable to pay anything.



Once I have received your Photo Brief and have discussed and agreed it with you, I will be able to give you an accurate time budget for the shoot. I will also discuss availability of the studio with you and once all of the aspects have been agreed, only then will you be able to book the shoot.



You will be required to pay a 50% deposit to secure your booking by using this online facility. 

The remaining balance of the initial quotation will be due on completion of the shoot and prior to delivery of the final images and secure payment can be made on this site using the "Pay Quotation" tab


Rates include studio fees, actual photo shoot and basic post production. Additional costs for models, set building, props, image retouching etc where required will be quoted for seperately and are not included in the hourly rate price.

Free pre-shoot consultation included.

In cases where you or your art director are not able to be physically present during the shoot, I offer a Video Participation conference facility on request. I can also send you jpeg files during the shoot to keep you up to date with the progress.

Once the job is completed, you will receive your images in the format(s) that we have agreed on

To get the most from your digital marketing images and eliminate any guesswork, it is important that the right mix of your personal business knowledge is infused with the latest photography and design expertise. 

Once I receive your brief I will call you to discuss and aspects that are either not 100% clear to me or those where you may require some of my thoughts.

It is important that I fully understand what is required of me and how best I can bring your ideas to life in the most cost effective way.

Photo Shoot Brief

You may choose to either use the basic photo shoot brief guideline below or use your own company creative brief.

I will require this brief in advance of the photo shoot in order to not only give you an time estimate for the photo shoot but also to do some preparation prior to the shoot 

and issue a fixed quotation.

Photo Shoot Brief Guidelines

1) Goals and Objectives

It is very important to outline what your specific goals and objectives are.

2) Audience

It is useful to know the demographics of the target audience. This could influence the look of the image to be more appealing to your target market audience.

This aspect is critical and will require you to do adequate research on the look and feel of the imagery to gain maximum marketing benefit within your chosen market and demographics.

3) Items and Extra Items to be included in shot

List the primary items to be included in the shot. Where the style makes provision for any additional items  or props to be included in the shot, these need to be clearly communicated and identified here.

Background element requirements must also be included.

4) Mood Board

The mood board is usually a drawing or some reference images that indicate the look and feel that you are trying to create.

If you require colours to match or compliment the color of your brand or logo, they should be clearly indicated by their RGB values.

Where models are required, you will also need to give a good description of how they should look, age, gender etc and preferably include some reference photographs of people with similar looks.

Your mood board could also consist of a CGI or mockup of the final advertisement.

You may also choose to include images of the look(s) that are acceptable

5) Styling and perspective

You should give an outline of any specific styling requirements that you would like to see. For example, you may want the cap of hand cream container removed to show the dispensing mechanism.

Remember though that the styling may be constrained by the available budget or other factors contained in your brief.

Shot perspective will also need to be communicated.

6) Image Mood

The overall mood of the shot must be described

7) Lighting

Lighting plays a very important role in the look that you are trying to create. Please indicate your preferences.

8) Colour, Tone and contrast

Colour, Tone and Contrast also play a very important role in the look and feel that you are trying to create. Please indicate your preferences especially

if your brand has a specific colour theme (give RGB values for each colour)

9) Layout

If Negative Space is required for your text or branding , please indicate its approximate position on a sketch or examples. 

Also indicate if a vertical or horizontal image orientation is required and what aspect ratio you are looking for.

10) Clarify roles of people in images

Where models are to be used, model releases are required

11) Photoshoot details

Include mobile numbers for all involved, shot times and other important logistics including any related health and safety details 

12) Concept

In addition to the above, a detailed written description of the overall concept will be required. Your concept must be clear-cut and must

have been well researched and designed specifically to sell your product to your target audience. 

13) Image usage and formats

You will need to indicate the intended platform, media, exclusivity rights and time periods. Also include the required image formats and resolution

for the different platforms (eCommerce, web content, social media, presentations, print media etc)

Product Overview
File Naming User Supplied
File Format JPEG, TIFF
Pixel Dimension Min 2000 - Max 12000 on long side
Color Mode sRGB, CMYK
Image Quality In Focus, Realistic Color, Smooth Edges & Professionally Lit
License Commercial Use - Royalty Free


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