"...it was totally unlike any photograph I had ever seen..."

"I visited Peter’s Studio by invitation while on a short break in Benoni.
I was overwhelmed at the artwork in the studio and I totally fell in love with one item, which I found utterly fascinating.  

He assured me that it was a photograph, but it was totally unlike any photograph I had ever seen, and I resolved that I would get a copy for my home.

I found the item on Peter’s website.   It was easy to navigate my way through the website, and through the buying procedure.
Peter immediately got in touch, giving me an estimate as to when I should receive my photograph.
Despite the fact that it had to come to Great Britain, his timing was perfect, my lovely photograph arriving bang on time.

I cannot speak too highly of Peter’s help, of the professionalism of his website was easy to deal with) and, above all, his brilliant photography.
Thanks, Peter, for enabling me to buy a really wonderful piece of art."

Nicholas Arrow
United Kingdom

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