White Backgrounds (Silo)

Images comply with the Amazon Technical Requirements and are in line with the published Product Image Guidelines of Amazon

See examples of our images for this service below


"The very first image of your listing, known as the Main Image, is the face of the listing. It must be on a plain white background. This image appears to shoppers in the search pages before they even land on the listing. All your primary focus should converge here.

Think of it as the front display of a store which entices potential customers to enter" - Lailama Hasan


Flat White Background with shadows - Main Image

Flat White Background no Shadows - Main Image

Difficult Products

With our advanced lighting technology and expertize, difficult products such as chrome finish products, see through products and white on white products are possible. Below are some examples.

Shiny products with Shadows and Reflections on white

Shadows and reflections make a product really stand out and we use a high gloss shooting table to maximize the effect.

White on white

White products on white background need special lighting to achieve not only edge separation but also to show bottle shape details.

Note: White backgrounds are not only used for Main Product Images but all other product images that do not have any alternate backgrounds specified.


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 EFT also available for SA clients

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