How it Works

Step #1

it is always advisable to first browse the portfolio to see if the style and quality of photography are compatible with your brand.

Browse my portfolio - Click here for Portfolio

Step # 2

Choose a listing style - Click Product Style

Tailor made for you

If you are in any doubt about which style to use, you can send an email to request a free Skype consultation and I will be happy to give you advice on the best options for your project.

Your marketing needs are special to me and deserve the very best images and pricing.


Standard list prices are displayed for each style.  You may choose to pay the standard list prices or you may request a quotation.

New clients and clients with special needs are advised to request a quotation so that I can tailor your unique package specifically for you and at the most cost effective price.

Quotation Vouchers

Quotations will be sent to you via email and will contain your unique Quotation Voucher number for payment. Vouchers will be listed under the Quotation Vouchers page for payment. Your privacy is guaranteed and vouchers will not contain any of your details nor product details.

Step # 3

Insert a clear product description and special features list in the text box for the product. Product description must be unique as it is the name that will be given to the related image(s)

Step # 4

Add to cart and repeat Step # 2 - 4  for each additional product

Step # 5

Check out and pay or request a quotation. Quotations will contain a voucher to purchase the bundle related to the quotation once you are happy with the price and terms of the quotation. No need to re-enter all the data.

Step # 6

Carefully inspect and clean the products to be photographed before packing.

Remove all labels at the back of bottles with transparent liquids.

Where the style chosen needs multiple products in a single shot, make sure that the right number of products are included.

It is also advisable to include one extra of each product where possible in case something gets damaged or scratched during shipping.

Step # 7

Ship the products to the local FedEx depot in Kempton Park, Johannesburg (Make certain that all items are insured)

Where products need to be returned after the photo shoot, please ensure that a return shipping voucher is included.

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