About Me

    Peter Dooley

Passionate Product Photographer,  lover of all things beautiful...

I have been inspired over the 20 years of my photography career by some of the world's most acclaimed photographers.

Their work has had a profound positive influence on me. Incorporating my own skills along with this valuable knowledge, I have forged my own unique artistic signature.

In my work, I seek to find beauty in all of the objects that I shoot.

With a sophisticated eye and love of luxury, I strive to create visually stunning images for effective digital marketing of products and services.

Harnessing the power of light to infuse two-dimensional images with spectacular drama, highlights, shape, rhythm and volume.

With attention to detail and using the carefully created interplay between light, color and the aesthetics of the subject, enables me to bring my client's visions to life. 

I love involving my clients in the creative process and often collaborate with them in the capture process. I do this in order to resolve their specific needs for visually inspiring imagery that is capable of drawing their customers in. I fully understand that image quality can elevate the value of their brand and the two must be fully intertwined.

Accurately but attractively representing a product is the most important element in online selling. I take great care to achieve this in my work.

My Focus

Product images must be crisp, clear and sharp and I pride myself in achieving results in camera with minimal post production intervention. This ensures that my work always looks real and credible, an important aspect required for the building of consumer confidence, especially for online sellers.

Nothing excites me more than contributing to other's success through attractive product photography, website imagery and digital marketing brochures.


People ask me how I can offer an effective service across continents. The answer is actually quite simple. We are all located in a digital world that has no borders nor boundaries. Location is no longer relevant.

Technology allows me to easily help clients from every corner of the globe.

I often remind my clients that the very images that they seek from me are intended to help them do business online with customers also located across continents and borders just as we are.

Full Circle

My career as a professional photographer the past 20 years has come full circle…

My first digital image to gain a place of honor as the cover of a major magazine was of a Honey Bee on a yellow Japanese cosmos
for their leading story on honey. The image, carefully composed with captivating colors and lighting was quite unusual but
delivered a clear message about the production of this age old product.

Yet, despite the accolades this early achivement received, I spent many years in  journalistic and events photography, an area that
while it fed my bank account, never truly fed my soul. 

Fortunately,  my work also included a fair amount of commercial photography over the years and it was through this that my
passion for product photography grew exponentially. 

I have now returned to my roots and to the art of photography that I love by re-joining the dots of my passion for product photography.


I also enjoy the outdoors and love creating fine art nature photographs when not working in the studio.

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