I am committed to good business practices and comply with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act of South Africa

Digital Goods

All digital goods (images) are guaranteed to meet the mutually accepted specifications and creative brief that accompany the order prior to commencement of the photo shoot and/or any creative work.

Where the consumer has advised Peter Dooley Photography in writing that a specific Image[s] do not meet the specifications or creative brief as per the original order and where the image[s] is not corrected within 21 days, a full refund of the original order price will be made.  

This refund will only apply to the  specific item[s] that does not comply with the original accepted written specifications and creative brief that accompanied the order as contemplated above and where all digital goods have been removed from any storage device and/or publication.

The payment of a refund automatically cancels the licence to use or store all digital goods for which the refund is made.

Physical Goods

The provision of printed goods and services by Peter Dooley Photography is subject to availability. In cases of unavailability, Peter Dooley Photography will refund the client in full within 30 days of receipt of payment.

Cancellation of orders  by the client after commencement of printing will attract a 75% cancellation fee and cancellation prior to commencement of printing, a 10% administration and processing fee will apply.

Goods that have already been printed and delivered in good order are non-returnable and non refundable.

Goods that have been damaged in transit may be returned and are fully refundable provided that they are returned in their original packaging.