About Peter Dooley

I am passionate about product photography for online selling and website content images.

Creating Web Ready Image solutions for online product photography needs, white background photography, silo photography, responsive website banners, 360 degree spin images, presentation images, marketing content images and digital marketing brochures is what brings me back for more each day.

Product photography is a branch of commercial photography which is about accurately but attractively representing a product.

The principal application of product photography is in product catalogues and brochures, with a proportion of product images
also being used in advertising and ecommerce. 

My Focus

Attention to detail and my focus on color harmonies together with the mastery of lighting is what allows me to achieve those objectives. 

Nothing excites me more than contributing to other's success through attractive product photography. 

Working with light to create three dimensionality and intrigue in product images is what keeps me coming back for more each

Full Circle

My career as a professional photographer the past 20 years has come full circle…

My first digital image to gain a place of honor as the cover of a major magazine was of a Honey Bee on a yellow Japanese cosmos
for their leading story on honey. The image, carefully composed with captivating colors and lighting was quite unusual but
delivered a clear message about the production of this age old product.

Yet, despite the accolades this early achivement received, I spent many years in  journalistic and events photography, an area that
while it fed my bank account, never truly fed my soul. 

Fortunately,  my work also included a fair amount of commercial photography over the years and it was through this that my
passion for product photography grew exponentially. 

I have now returned to my roots and to the art of photography that I love by re-joining the dots of my passion for product photography.


I also enjoy the outdoors and love creating fine art nature photographs when not working in the studio.