About Us

  Peter Dooley


Peter has been a professional photographer for 20 years and has worked extensively for lifestyle and fashion magazines as well as other publications.

He is highly experienced in shooting nature art along with commercial and hospitality industry images. He comes from a very talented and artistic family and this is reflected in all of his work. His eye for design and style, attention to detail, as well as being a lighting  expert is what sets his work apart from the rest.

What has brought Peter’s attention and focus to a  specific interest in photography is his love and passion for nature, design and style.

Artist's Statement - Floral Art Collections

It is my belief that despite the chaos and uncertainty of our modern world, we can still discover the magical soothing effects of real natural beauty in all of its forms and in the most unpredictable places, if we just take the time to look more carefully.

My artwork is a tribute to the natural world, an examination of the conspicuous, the beautiful and the less so, the unavoidable process of ageing that transforms everything in both original form and texture, the real and the artificial, the young and the mature and way beyond.
Much has been written about how elements of nature in the home and workplace can transform human behavior and well being. The presence of flowers and foilage, both real and in art form, significantly stimulate the senses and the mind, improve mental cognition and performance beyond what is normally believed. Though my work, I attempt to bring a new dimension to innovative and creative thought patterns, a reduction in stress and mental fatigue, and improved cognitive performance in our day to day tasks.
I am encouraged by studies like The Human Spaces report on Biophilic Design that show how contact with nature, no matter how small, can have notable effects on happiness, health and productivity. It is also reported that recent research shows that even using photographs and artwork representing outdoor scenes strengthens our connection to nature significantly.
Aracelli Camargo, a renowned cognitive neuroscientist, suggests that given the role artwork can play, “we should apply this knowledge to create environments that are stimulating and neurologically nourishing.” According to him “An enriched environment improves performance in hippocampus-dependent learning tasks such as problem solving, idea
generation, cognitive flexibility and therefore our innovation potential.”

Nature and our innate affinity to the natural world fascinate me. The fine art of capturing its fleeting moods created by light and colour serves to transform my work into art pieces that are designed to be enchanting, intriguing and most importantly, to have the fundamental elements that can hold the attention and interest of all those who gaze on them, like some kind of invisible regenerative magnetic attraction. Exploring new ways to portray natural beauty is what keeps me coming back for more each day. My process is to add three dimensionality and life to my subjects through careful attention to form, colour, composition, light, shade and perspective. This has become my artistic signature.

My goal is to bring the timeless essence of nature as an art form to the world beyond its daily distractions and to blend it seamlessly into the clean lines of modern architecture and décor so that they can become natural accent points that stimulate and engage thought processes and bring calm into our lives.