Do you sell directly to the end user?

No, all our prices include trade discounts that are aligned to industry trade professionals such as healthcare designers, art consultants, interior designers, architects and other trade professionals. Prices are hidden until professionals have registered with us.

Do you offer a collaboration service to art consultants, architects, interior decorators and designers?

Yes we certainly do. We can create or pull a piece of work from our portfolio or offering and based on certain specifications, modify them to suit your design criteria.

I would like the listed image in a different color hue to match my interior color scheme. Is this possible?

To meet your unique needs, I offer the option to request a color hue modification to match your specific décor requirements and will digitally alter an image where possible by prior arrangement. Reach out with your request to peter@barlogphoto.com

I have entered one item to my shopping cart but it displays two or more items in cart, why?

Where an order has not yet been delivered, the system is designed to alert you to the fact that the particular item that you have added to your order has already been ordered previously and is still pending. This will not affect the final invoice price for the current transaction and only the quantities selected by you for the current order that is being placed will be billed.

How can I see what has already been ordered by me?

Go to your account page and see "Order History

I have applied for a trade discount but can't see my discounts?

In order to qualify for a trade discount, you will tick the "Äpply for Trade Discount" option on the account registration page and we will email a discount request application to you where you will be required inter alia to submit your VAT registration number and business card or business details. Once you are approved, the applicable discount will then be assigned to your account and we will activate your discount status and notify you thereof. Thereafter, when you login, the prices displayed will automatically be adjusted  to reflect the new discounted prices which already include your applicable trade discount.

What is the Metallic Photo Rag paper option?

Go to the information section in the footer and see "Printing and Framing Data" 

What is the print border option?

In some cases, the print will be required to be "face mounted" to PlexiGlass or similar  such as Diamount or Diasec. These processes may require a larger border as part of the manufacturing process only where after the border is then trimmed off the mounted print in order to get the image to display right to the edge of the mounting to create a floating image effect. Please check border size requirements with your framing/mounting supplier before ordering your print. For more information, go to the "Printing and Framing Data" section.